Local Audio Journal volunteers interviewing local people from all walks of life, regarding topics of interest and topics of the heart within our local area.

Audio Journal’s Poets Corner is a weekly program which affords its print-impaired listeners the opportunity to listen to the poetry of people from all walks of life – of those from the distant past, right up to the present day.

Reader’s Digest is an American general interest family magazine sharing stories, laughs, and advice.

An Older Voice includes readings from AARP Magazine and Bulletin, Saturday Evening Post, Reader’s Digest, and other publications relevant to older listeners.

In Perspective is a program by Bob Branco, a life-long resident of New Bedford, MA, who is visually impaired. The weekly program brings together guests, who are or are not visually impaired, and Bob for a discussion on a particular topic.

This weekly program is one hour in length. Readings of news, commentary, and thoughtful opinion about current events here in the US as reported in newspapers, magazines, and journals throughout the world. Learning what people, governments, and organizations around the world are thinking and saying about events unfolding in America gives us a different perspective for how to interpret and understand the events happening around us.

Blind hosts Dale Campbell and Cheryl Cummings serve up a plethora of tasty treats and delectable dishes, topped off with a healthy garnish of humor. Broadcast over ACB radio and a number of reading services throughout the country, this program continues to inspire vision impaired listeners to lace up their aprons, grab their spatulas and battle it out in the kitchen.

Hosted by University of Massachusetts Medical School students and doctors who keep listeners up to date with the latest discoveries in the world of science.

Places its emphasis on sport for disabled individuals and using sport to keep fit. Guests are interviewed from the local sports for disabled community, and readings are from Sports & Spokes, Paraplegia News, and other sports journals.