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Mission and History

Audio Journal’s mission in Central Massachusetts is to connect individuals with a visual impairment, or an inability to access print material, to their communities through broadcasting of local news, information, and entertainment, with exclusive programs and content.

Radio Reading

Audio Journal

Although there may be conflicting histories, our understanding is that Radio Reading Services began in Minnesota in 1969 when a blind executive realized that the same technology which transmitted Muzak could be used to broadcast information to people with visual impairments. Now there are radio reading services all over the world.

In 1987, Audio Journal began broadcasting from an unused closet at the Worcester Public Library. After a time at a location on Lincoln Street in Worcester, Audio Journal moved in 2003 to fully accessible studios on West Boylston Street in Worcester. Audio Journal operates with two staff and more than one hundred volunteers.

Audio Journal is a proud member of the Massachusetts Audio Information Network (MAIN) which includes six radio reading services each serving its local area.

Massachusetts Audio Information Network Service Areas

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