Individual Giving – Donations of every level are appreciated. Checks made payable to “Audio Journal” can be sent to Audio Journal, 799 West Boylston Street, Worcester, MA 01606. Donating online at is easy and secure. Other ways people donate are by stock transfers, in-kind gifts, and providing items that can be used for our annual silent auction.

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Corporate Community Partnership – As a broadcasting service utilizing radio, television, telephone, online streaming, podcasting, and new technologies like smart speakers, we can offer:

  • Exposure and brand awareness – not just to our listeners who are blind, but to their families, friends and caretakers.
  • On-air interviews – tell your story here.
  • Digital media posts and website links – a social media outlet.
  • Conversion of your print literature to audio, large print or Braille.
  • Meaningful volunteer opportunities for you and your employees

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Legacy Giving – Are you aware that experts predict that, by 2030, rates of vision loss will double along with the country’s aging population? Become an Audio Journal “Visionary” and celebrate our 26th Anniversary with a Legacy Gift. Did you know that while 70% of Americans give charitable gifts, less than 5% make a Legacy Gift?

Now is your chance to insure that vision and mobility loss does not keep Central Massachusetts seniors and other residents from living a full, involved and informed life. It is the Boomer generation – those between 53 and 69 years of age – who are on the brink of joining the senior-age group that has yet to experience the full extent of the severity of age-related conditions. Your support will enable us to continue to insure that they have access to information, theater and their community as well as the world around them.

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Events – Audio Journal holds fund raising events, typically Dining in the Dark, and Radio-Active Theatre. Event sponsorships, donating tickets for blind patrons, and auction items all are extremely helpful. Sponsorships also are solicited for our annual Volunteer Appreciation events, offering a pat on the back for our 130 volunteers, their family and friends.

Accessible Services – Bring your business into compliance by providing accessible materials. For a nominal fee Audio Journal can:

  • Convert your printed matter to Braille or audio formats
  • Provide audio description services for a tour of your facilities, a conference or workshop, an exhibition display or several other applications
  • Provide voice artists to fulfill your needs
  • Provide access consultation

Employment Training/Internships – Part of Audio Journal’s mission involves providing employment training for individuals who are legally blind. This covers everyday administrative tasks, audio editing, programming tasks, professional dress and socialization. Support for these programs includes the training and use of adaptable tools for an individual to learn with, as well as the purchase of up-to-date technology and devices.

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