Listening With SCA Receivers


                                                                                                                               Audio Journal is broadcast on the SCA (subsidiary carrier authorization) of WICN Public Radio in Worcester.

This unique signal can be heard with a specially tuned radio-receiver, available through Audio Journal. In order to hear this signal, a listener must live within the broadcast range of the participating FM station.

Obtaining a Receiver

If you would like one of our radio-receivers or know someone who needs our service, please call 508-797-1117.  The broadcast service and radio-receivers are free; however, donations are gratefully accepted to help defray the one-time cost of the receiver. No one is turned away!

A volunteer will deliver the radio and demonstrate how to use it, as well as leave a schedule in Braille, large print, or audio format. Receivers can be ordered by calling Audio Journal. Receivers are recycled to others in need, so please contact us if yours is no longer needed. Also contact us for any necessary repairs or replacements.

Signal Accessibility

Our signal covers most of Worcester County, although geography and structures can affect reception. Broadcast signal strength can vary in outlying communities. Call Audio Journal for information concerning your town. 508-797-1117.